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A leading local-based Job website SilcharJobs.Com with a good user base in Assam provides Job Recruitment Advertisements (Job Vacancy Article/ Post) at a very affordable price so that everyone can advertise their job vacancies at no extra cost.

If anyone wants to recruit personnel/ worker for their Company, Shop, Institute & any other services and wants to advertise their job vacancy through our website then they can read our job posting T&C thoroughly & if they agree with the T&C then they can contact us via the “Job Posting” form.

Job Posting – Terms & Conditions (T&C)

1. We have full right to inquire about your personal/ professional details such as name, address, phone number, email-id, and any other information and you have to provide all this information accurately.

2. To publish your job vacancy on our website your shop/ institute/ company & any other services must be listed on Google My Business/ Google Maps and you must provide us the link to your business profile listing.

3. If we find any misleading or fake information (Which you provided to us) in your job advertisement OR Receive any order from any legal services (i.e. Police), then we have full right to edit/ modify/ delete your job posting (Article) at any time with or without any notice.

4. After sending your job posting request to us, our team will verify the authenticity of your job. After that, if we find everything all right, then we will publish it on our website.

5. If you charge any kind of application fee (refundable/ non-refundable) for your job recruitment, then we do not allow such (requested) job posting on our website.

6. Make sure that all the information you provide to us is 100% correct and genuine. Because incorrect/ unclear information can cause your job posting to be Canceled/ Rejected/ Removed.

7. All of the Chats (messages), Emails, Voice Calls by you (Recruiter) and our team (Silchar Jobs) will be recorded as avoidance to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

8. We make no guarantee that after publishing your job on our website you will get the exact or specific person or a specific amount of persons that is best suited for your vacancy, it completely depends on the visitors (Job Seekers) of our website.

9. A non-refundable amount of Rs.200/- (Two Hundred Rupees Only) has to be paid either via Bank Transfer – IMPS or UPI for publishing your Job Advertisement in SilcharJobs.Com (You have to send the screenshot of the successful payment with the transaction id.).

10. We have the complete rights to change our job posting Terms & Conditions (T&C) at any time with or without any notice to anyone.

NOTE: SilcharJobs.Com is strictly against fraud/ fake/ Scam, job publishers/ recruiters, So don’t try to mislead (Team) otherwise we can be liable to take legal action against anyone for protecting our website and our users.

If you have any queries/ doubts about T&C, please contact us via our Email or WhatsApp our team will be happy to help you.

If you agree with our “Job Posting” T&C and would like to publish your job vacancy on our website then contact us through the “Job Posting” form below.



Last Updated: 17 April 2021, 10:33 PM